maryam shabani portfolio





My Design Process

My design process usually begins with the clarification of the content (client’s objectives) and continues through a visualization phase in which the overall look and feel of the piece is determined.

Design activity is often referred to as a problem or series of problems. A clear definition and understanding of the problem at hand are essential to successful project.

I finalize the entire design process in 5 steps as described in the following example:  


problem -

 Defining the Objectives

I define the problem and determine my objectives. What is the message? Who is it for? What format can best express the message?I find solutions through pertinent questions and thorough listening skills.



Visualizing the IdeasResearching

I need to collect enough information from multiple sources.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, so I always carry a sketchbook and camera to record my ideas as they occur.

Visualizing the Ideas

After having enough material to work from, I begin visualizing my ideas by making thumbnail sketches.

I try to generate as many of the thumbnail sketches as possible until it becomes increasingly difficult to think of any others.



Developing the IdeasDeveloping the Ideas

From my thumbnails I select at least two to develop into a full-size sketch of the design idea detailing its placement of type, images and color.

They are made to test weather the idea will work once it is drawn at full size.



Implementing the Final

I choose the best media to finalize my craftsmanship to look it professionally finished.

Once I have determined a course of action, I develop the idea into a comprehensive that is the term used for the very detailed, polished representation of a finished design shown to the client for approval before print production.










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